Genital Herpes Sign on Penis Head, Step by step Recognition

Genital Herpes Sign on Penis Head, Step by step Recognition
Genital herpes sign on penis head should be early recognized if you want to get proper treatment. In fact, genital herpes usually happen in genital and anus. Even though some times this sexually transmitted disease commonly appear without any symptom but around 20 percent of case still showing the sign. For men, it is more easier to recognize the sign by examining the penis area.
Genital herpes sign on penis head, complete recognition step
First step
Take a look at the penis head and find out if there small red bumps that following by itchy and painful feeling. The bumps itself can be looks like small or large patches like acne, round sore or red patches with white pustules raised.
Second step
Examine whether the bumps is open up and turn into painful sores. Apply gentle pressure with your fingertip into the bumps to check out the pain feeling. Usually, the leaking from open sores are pus or blood.
Third step
Take a look in the opening of penis head to find any bumps or sores surround urethra. This bumps, if found usually will causing painful urination.  
Fourth step
Genital herpes is contagious and quickly spreading from the infected area into other area surrounding it.
Genital herpes sign on penis head, things to be aware
Once genital herpes attacking you, it may lay dormant in your skin for years. Without safe sex habit, you may get another breakout. Do not forget to also manage your health and emotional feeling since genital herpes usually attack when your immune system level get lower or stress out. Beware of the sign that commonly appear since it may come sup without any sign. If you think that you have this sexually transmitted disease, you better contact doctor immediately to take the test. First step to recognize is by examine the genital herpes sign on penis head.