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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Genital Herpes Risk Decreasing Tips

Genital Herpes Risk Decreasing Tips

Genital herpes risk will be arise when it is left untreated. Automatically it will makes you possible to get much more health complication. However, you do not need to worry much since there are some way to minimize the risk. Need a guidance to find it out? Get the best tips as follow:

Use condom
Start healthy sexual relationship by using condom is advised since it can help you to decrease the risk of getting STD infection. To maximize the protection, you better choose latex condom. Just be sure to wear the condom correctly so that it can covers the common infected area.
Have an open communication with your partner
STD transmission is not only about you, it is also about the partner who you have sexual relationship with. We will not talk about judging your partner have STD or not but being aware together. In fact, most people do not know that they have STD unless they already have the history of STD. This is the reason why you need to start an honest communication with your partner. Ask their history of STD because people with STD history will likely have higher risk to get genital herpes.
Ask about your partner sexual history
People who have history of many sexual partner will have high risk of getting genital herpes. Based on this fact, you need to find out whether your partner had many sexual partner before or not.
Avoid sexual relationship with person who has genital sores
Whenever the symptom of genital herpes is appear, you better avoid any sexual intercourse. It is important for you to see whether the person you will have sexual relationship have genital sores or not. You better avoid any sexual intercourse with this kind of person until you can be sure that they are free from genital herpes infection. At least you watch the sores as common symptom even though herpes sores are sometimes difficult to see.
Never have any oral sex from cold sores person
Cold sores is known as one symptom of genital herpes. That is the reason why abstain from person who have cold sores when they are offering oral sex is better. In fact, cold sores and fever blister can be infected your genital through oral sex.
Take genital herpes test
Take the test along with your partner is the best action to do. It becomes more urgently required when one or both of you have genital herpes symptom.
Avoid consuming alcohol and drugs while having sex
People who take drug and alcohol commonly have less aware of their environment and surrounding. When you are consuming alcohol or drug, you will lose your sense. This is a condition where you should not do any sexual intercourse. It is simply because less sense will makes you difficult to apply safe sex.
Long life monogamous partner is a great way to avoid genital herpes
It is great to find one partner for your life who never have any STD before. It can reduce your risk to get genital herpes risk

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