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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Herpes Genital Overview

Herpes Genital Overview

Herpes genital overview  is needed to at least provide you with the right information about what is genital herpes including the symptom, cause, effect and treatment. This disease is caused by the infection of herpes simplexvirus type 2 that affecting genital area. After initial infection, the virus will get into your nervous system and stay there waiting for nay trigger to appear.

Herpes genital itself often triggered by several factors such as stress, illness,  less managed emotional condition and period. For the treatment itself, you better do some prior consultation to the doctor to make sure that you will get the right treatment. Be sure that you are consuming less food that contain arginine will be helpful. Besides that, consume more food that have high lysine level will be good for your diet to counter herpes genital.

Herpes genital overview on food to avoid

When you are having genital herpes then you better avoid to consume food that contain high arginine and caffeine level amount. Series of foods such as peanut, peanut butter, almond, almond butter, chocolate, coconut, corn, oat, rice, carob and wheat are on the list of best to avoid. It is all because those foods are high arginine level that can be the trigger of herpes genital outbreak.

Herpes genital overview on best food to consume

Regular consumption on food that have high lysine level over arginine is a great start. You can start with egg, vegetable, legume, wild caught seafood and brewer yeast. Besides that, organic or free range meat like chicken and turkey can be your next option. If possible, add some dairy products such as cheese, butter and yoghurt  during your herpes genital outbreak.

Herpes genital overview in how to increase immune system level

In fact, the lower immune system level will causing the outbreak of herpes simplex type 2 attack. The only way to reduce the outbreak is by increasing your immune system level It can be done by reducing your sugary food consumption. Not only sugar, food that contain white flour and processed foods are also the one who need to be minimize in order to maintain your immune system in high level.

Hopefully, all of above explanation can bring you more clear information about herpes genital overview. 

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