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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men and How to Recognize Them

Most of us may associate herpes as woman disease. In fact, it is also possible to happen in men. So what is about genital herpes symptom in men? There is not certain symptom for all herpes patient since it will be vary based on each person condition. Generally, 4 from 5 American men get infected with HSV 2. Unluckily, most of them do not aware about their condition. Basically, more active sexual condition then the risk is getting higher. 

Most men start to recognize genital herpes symptom in men when they get the primary outbreak. Primary outbreak commonly will create sore, blister and pain around genital or groin. Usually, this first outbreak will happen from 2 up to 20 days after first infection attack through sexual intercourse. Many men ignored about initial symptom since less than 40% of infected males get blister development.
Other symptom are itchy, tingle and burn feeling around genital, groin, thighs and buttocks area.  Beware since you may get misunderstanding about the flu like symptom. When you get headache, fever, fatigue and chill then you may get infected by the virus. Painful and burning feeling during urination is also can be one symptom of this virus. Lymph nodes swell and sore are also another sign.
Do not forget about muscle ached and pain in your groin and lower back. If you have the symptom then you better seen the physician immediately. The virus that attack men can be so contagious. Moreover, there is no cure for the HSV 2 virus. There is only some treatment to decrease the duration, outbreak period and frequency. When this virus attacks, there is not only physical discomfort that disturbs men but also psychological problem.

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