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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recognizing Early Stages of Genital Herpes

Knowing the early stages of genital herpes will be useful for you to find out the proper treatment for it. Unluckily, only less of you that may have sufficient knowledge about it. In fact, this herpes virus has three stages. Those are primary stage outbreak, latent stage virus travels and shedding stage virus multiplies. The first most important stage to recognize is the primary stage outbreak. 

Early stages of genital herpes will happen for about one week after the first infection. During this early stages, you will get some painful of blister. The blister itself will be appearing around your thigh, buttock and genital area. Some of you may have clear blister while the other have cloudy herpes blister. Blister may break open and left the sore.
Another sign of the primary outbreak or early stages is the painful feeling during urination. Besides that, you may also feel some pain while having bowl movement especially near the location where the blister and sore appear. Influenza like symptom, body aches and fever is also categorized as an early sign of genital herpes symptom.
It is difficult to notice the early sign of this herpes simplex virus stage since some people may have a clear look of sign and painful feeling while the other may do not have any symptom at all. It makes some people does even know that they have already infected with this virus. Some other reason of the difficulties is the misdiagnosed of the sign with other type of disease.
Next stage is the latent stage where there are no sore, blisters or other type of symptom formed. The virus will be travelling from your skin into the nerves that located near with your spine. The last stage is the shedding stage. Virus will multiply themselves during this stage. It will get into your body fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids or saliva. No symptom appears but the virus still can be spreading from sexual contact. Without high awareness, the virus will be infected quickly.

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