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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Genital Herpes Sign on Male Genital Head, Step by step Recognition

Genital Herpes Sign on Male Genital Head, Step by step Recognition
Genital herpes sign on male genital head should be early recognized if you want to get proper treatment. In fact, genital herpes usually happen in genital and anus. Even though, sometimes this sexually transmitted disease commonly appears without any symptom but around 20 percent of case still showing the sign. For men, it is easier to recognize the sign by examining the genital area.
Genital herpes sign on male genital head, complete recognition step
First step
Take a look at the genital head and find out if there small red bumps that following by itchy and painful feeling. The bumps itself can be looks like small or large patches like acne, round sore or red patches with white pustules raised.
Second step
Examine whether the bumps is open up and turn into painful sores. Apply gentle pressure with your fingertip into the bumps to check out the pain feeling. Usually, the leaking from open sores are pus or blood.
Third step
Take a look in the opening of genital head to find any bumps or sores surround urethra. This bumps, if found usually will causing painful urination. 
Fourth step
Genital herpes is contagious and quickly spreading from the infected area into other area surrounding it.
Genital herpes sign on male genital head, things to be aware
Once genital herpes attacking you, it may lay dormant in your skin for years. Without safe sex habit, you may get another breakout. Do not forget to also manage your health and emotional feeling since genital herpes usually attack when your immune system level gets lower or stress out. Beware of the sign that commonly appear since it may come up without any sign. If you think that you have this sexually transmitted disease, you better contact doctor immediately to take the test. First step to recognize is by examine the genital herpes sign on male genital head. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Genital Herpes Trigger, Recognizing the Potential One

Genital Herpes Trigger, Recognizing the Potential One
Genital herpes trigger is the kind of condition that makes patient experience genital herpes outbreak. If you can recognize the trigger then you can manage and minimize your risk of getting genital herpes outbreak. There are several type of trigger that need to be aware of. Those trigger will be detailed as follow

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Genital Herpes Transmission Risk Detail

Genital Herpes Transmission Risk Detail
Genital herpes transmission risk is quite high since genital herpes becomes one of the most easily transmitted genital disease. It makes this kind of disease easily transferred to new partner. Genital herpes is transmitted through skin to skin contact and not by the other. At least, you need to change your perspective that earlier thinking of blood, surfaces, sharing towels, bedding and toilets can make you get this disease.

Genital herpes transmission risk possible decrease factor
Your risk of getting genital herpes virus can be reduced if your mucosa membrane and immune system works perfectly. Mucous membrane itself functioned to trap the unwanted and harmful pathogens. When it get trapped, immune system will be sent to kill it. Unluckily, your immune can not combat the whole harmful pathogen. Herpes simplex virus can attack when immune system cannot defeat the infection and create a chance of pathogen to enter the body system.
Genital herpes transmission risk and asymptomatic sign
What makes genital herpes virus dangerous than other is its ability to transmit the virus once it has attack your body. The infection and spreading to your partner is possible even though there is no sign appeared. When the virus attack without any sign then it will be called as asymptomatic sign. the virus can appear again when you immune system level get low. Outbreak will happen continuously around 6 up to 10 times during first year.
Genital herpes transmission risk, male vs female
Most of us usually associate genital herpes disease with female. In fact, male also have risk to get genital herpes virus. However, female tend to have greater risk since most of vagina comprised of mucous membranes. The virus of herpes simplex itself is more depend on the location of where body get contact with the virus rather than the gender differences. Several area that carry greater risk of getting infected are vagina, anus, glans penis, glans clitoris, urethra, clitoral hood, mouth, lips and etc.
Genital herpes transmission risk, fact and cause
Gender is not have a specific relation with genital herpes risk. The risk is getting bigger when you do not have healthy sexual life such as do not use condom in regular basis. Based on this, having healthy sexual life including taking a routine test will help you to reduce your risk of getting genital herpes. Taking your antiviral medication routinely and avoid having sex will automatically decrease the genital herpes transmission risk.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Genital Herpes in Women, First Sign in Vagina

Genital Herpes in Women, First Sign in Vagina
Genital herpes is listed as one of most common spreading of sexually transmitted disease in United States. This STD is also commonly found in women than men. Based on that, women need to recognize the sign earlier in order to get proper treatment. Even though most cases of genital herpes comes up without any clear symptom appear but you are still possible to recognize some sign in vaginal area.
Genital Herpes in Women Vagina
Usually, the symptom will appear in vaginal area around 2 up to 12 days after the initial infection. This virus is attack during sexual contact even though do not necessarily need intercourse. When the first sign is appeared in vaginal area then it will be called as prodromal symptom. This is the phase before sores get developed. Commonly, you will feel itchy, tingle, pain and burning sensation while urinating. The sign itself can last for few hours up to a day untill the sores appear.
Genital Herpes, outbreak phase
This is the phase where outbreak happen and fluid filles sores is developed. Usually it will occur in the opening of vagina, inside vagina, external genital area, buttock and upper area of inner thighs. Small cluster called vesicles will be formed. Vesicles will break open in one or two days and leave a painful sores. Not only sores, women may have vaginal discharge and swollen lymph nodes in groin area that last for two up to four weeks.
Genital Herpes in Women, general symptom
First outbreak is the most infectious phase where the virus will easily transferred to the other. During this time, you may have experience fever, body aches and headache. The pain will be severe during first few days of initial infection and may last for about two weeks. Unluckily, most cases comes without symptom. It makes patient do not aware that they have already get infected. At least, if you feel tingle, vaginal burning and sores then you better meet doctor and get tested to make sure. By doing that, you can simply get treatment earlier and safe yourself from further severe effect of genital herpes.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Stages of Genital Herpes Complete Information

Stages of Genital Herpes Complete Information

Stages of genital herpes refers the same even though the effect is different toward each individual. In fact, the symptom and severe level may differ from one outbreak to another. Blister that commonly appear during the outbreak may not occur in some cases. All of the differences is heavily depend on your immune system level and its reaction to the virus attack. First of all, you need to acknowledge yourself about the symptom so that you can protect yourself more.

Stages of Genital Herpes, Six Stages Phase


Prodrome is the first stage of genital herpes attack. Initially, the virus will active in your skin and move to the surface of your skin and causing an outbreak. This stage considered as the most contagious one. The symptom that usually comes up during this stage is the tingle, pain and itchy in the infected are on buttock and leg. Not only that, burning sensation while urinating and vaginal discharge in women patient is also happen.

Red skin

The skin that affected by genital herpes virsu will become red and sensitive. For about one up to four days, the virus will reach the skin surface and makes it very easily to spread into other people.

Lesion appear

The sores that to be generated around genital area whether in individually or in cluster. Blister that fulfilled with virus fluid will appear. For about two up to six days, the blister will comes up and painfully attack. To ease the pain, you will be advised to wear some loose clothing and stay away from any activity that may irritate your skin.

Lesion development

The sores will be cracked open and release the fluid inside. It may happen for about one up to four days. You will need to make the sore area stay dry and clean during this stages. Wear a comfortable clothing material like cotton will be helpful to decrease the irritation possibility. Do not have any sexual contact and minimize the touch on the infected area.


When the fluid in the sores drained, the lesion will dray and emerging the scab. However, some blister may not create scab but disappear slightly. The scab itself may stay on your skin for some days. You better stop touching and picking the scab to decrease the scarr.

Stages of Genital Herpes, Healing Completion

The sign of healed genital herpes sore is when the scab fall off and the lesion is faded. Red sores that usually formed may fade through the time. Healing process usually will occur for about three up to seven days. Stay away from any sexual intercourse to avoid infection spreading. You need to understand the whole information so that you can prepare yourself better after recognizing stages of genital herpes.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies Best List

Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies Best List

Male genital herpes home remedies  can be male patient alternatives to get ease with genital herpes symptom and pain. In fact, having this kind of sexually transmitted disease may makes you feel discomfort in your daily life. The itchy, pain and burning sensation during urination is already become part of your daily activity. Moreover, the blister and ulcer that may also appear to add the discomfort.
Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies List
Take a warm bath
The first step of male genital herpes home remedies that can be simply done by anyone is taking a warm bath. Even though seem simple, soaking in a warm bath water can relieve the pain by genital herpes. Instead of taking warm bath in a tub, take a warm shower since tub may increase the risk of spreading the virus. Do not forget to clean up the tub if you are sharing the tub with someone else. After taking bath, dry the infected area completely to avoid moisture condition that will worsen the sores.
Have a mild disinfectant soap
Run warm water with cloth and apply the mild disinfectant soap into the infected area. After that, dry and washing down the soap.
Baking soda and cornstarch to deal with the itchy
Simply take a cotton ball and pat baking soda or cornstarch on your sores. It will help you to dry the sores and also minimize the itchy that makes you discomfort the most. Be sure that you are not double dip the cotton ball since it may contaminate the unused baking soda or cornstarch.
As an essential amino acid, your  body will need lysine. Unluckily, it is not produced naturally by your body. You can simply consume lysine through legume, meat and over the counter supplement. Lysine is efficient to prevent genital herpes outbreak. However, you will need to consult with your physician before taking any of it to find out whether it is safe for you and the proper dose to take.
Tea bag
Put a cold and wet black tea bag into your sore to deal with the flare and pain. Simply heat water to douse the tea bag and cool it down immediately. Place the cooled tea bag on your genital herpes sores. After finish the application, dry the whole area and throw away the used tea bag.
You can apply the ice into your infected area to ease the pain. Simply fill in crushed ice into a plastic bag. Wrap the bag in a material thickness of a sheet. Apply it into your sores for about 10 up to 15 minutes. Repeat the application for several times in a day. The most important thing is throw away the used plastic bag to avoid the virus spread.
Aloe vera
Apply aloe vera directly into your sores and let the gel makes the sore dry. It is absolutely helpful to ease the pain and also faster the healing process.
Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies Psychological Effect
Have a good sleep at night. Having sufficient sleep at night will provide enough time for your body to get rest and recharge your energy. Be remember that the virus is attack when your body immune level is weaker. Plenty and qualified rest at night will decrease the outbreak attack possibility.
Manage your stress wisely
Stress have huge impact on your immune level. If you have great stress management then you are positively can decrease the outbreak level.
Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies through Clothing
Wear proper clothing
Believe it or not, wearing improper clothing can make your genital herpes get worse. Be sure to wear a breathable clothing such as the loose fitting one. This kind of clothing is perfect since it can let the air circulate well and make you stay away from sweat and moisture that become main reason of sore and outbreak happen. Choose cotton clothing rather than synthetic fabrics, polyester or silk as perfect male genital herpes home remedies.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Genital Herpes Male Early Stage Complete Symptom

Genital Herpes Male Early Stage Complete Symptom
Genital herpes male early stage  need to be recognized better to avoid severe effect toward men health. Even though not all people with genital herpes will have the same symptom but at least you need to know the common symptom to get earlier treatment. In fact, the most contagious phase is the beginning and the end of the outbreak. This is the phase before blister turn into scabs.
Genital Herpes Male Early Stage, Primary Attack
Primary attack in men usually takes time around 1 up to 2 weeks after the initial infection. This is when the virus will multiplies its cell. Unluckily, the symptom may very mild so that most people will not aware of this first outbreak period. Somehow, many men think that the early symptom as ingrown hair. Beside the spot, itchy and tingle is also become early symptom of genital herpes male.
After the itchy and tingle sensation, blister appeared and burst into such sore ulcers. Ulcers will turn into scabs and healed without resulting any scarr. Not only that, some men may also have headaches, fever and burning sensation when urinating. The initial or primary attack may happen for many weeks and need a long time to be healed. When men have reoccurence outbreak, usually it will be less severe since they already learn the sign.
The common medication is the antiviral treatment such as aciclovir that can be helpfull to ease the pain before herpes genital get worse. To get proper treatment, men need to recognize the symptom earlier. Those symptoms are muscle aches, fever, flu symptom, burning urination, itchy, tingle and burn sensation in the blister area that filled with slight cloudy liquid. Genital herpes sores in men usually found in penis, scrotum, groin, thighs, buttocks and around the anus.
Genital Herpes Male Early Stage Other Affected Area
Most of us may assume that genital herpes only attack genital area. In fact, it may also attacking other part of men body such as mouth, tounge and lips even though only happen rarely. Not only showing the symptom that have been detailed above, this virus is also resulting swollen lymph nodes, eye infection, encephalitis, eczema herpetiform and sores inside or around anus, buttock and thighs.
Genital Herpes Male Early Stage, The Potential Trigger
The trigger that potentially causing genital herpes outbreak usually associated with lowered immune system level, skin wounds, fever, tissue damage because of surgery, nerve damage and extreme climate situation exposure. This type of sexually transmitted disease is an incurable disease. It means that it will stay in your lifetime once you infected. Usually, patient will have around 4 up to 5 outbreak in a year.
The frequency and severity of the outbreak commonly will get decreased after some time. The first or primary outbreak is the longest one that followed with a short and inconsistent outbreak period. Doctor and health practitioner usually will treat it with such antiviral medication. Most important thing of all is recognizing earlier on male genital herpes early stage.

Genital Herpes Sign on Male Genital Head, Step by step Recognition

Genital Herpes Sign on Male Genital Head, Step by step Recognition Genital herpes sign on male genital head should be early recognize...