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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Genital Herpes Trigger, Recognizing the Potential One

Genital Herpes Trigger, Recognizing the Potential One
Genital herpes trigger is the kind of condition that makes patient experience genital herpes outbreak. If you can recognize the trigger then you can manage and minimize your risk of getting genital herpes outbreak. There are several type of trigger that need to be aware of. Those trigger will be detailed as follow

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Genital Herpes Transmission Risk Detail

Genital Herpes Transmission Risk Detail
Genital herpes transmission risk is quite high since genital herpes becomes one of the most easily transmitted genital disease. It makes this kind of disease easily transferred to new partner. Genital herpes is transmitted through skin to skin contact and not by the other. At least, you need to change your perspective that earlier thinking of blood, surfaces, sharing towels, bedding and toilets can make you get this disease.

Genital herpes transmission risk possible decrease factor
Your risk of getting genital herpes virus can be reduced if your mucosa membrane and immune system works perfectly. Mucous membrane itself functioned to trap the unwanted and harmful pathogens. When it get trapped, immune system will be sent to kill it. Unluckily, your immune can not combat the whole harmful pathogen. Herpes simplex virus can attack when immune system cannot defeat the infection and create a chance of pathogen to enter the body system.
Genital herpes transmission risk and asymptomatic sign
What makes genital herpes virus dangerous than other is its ability to transmit the virus once it has attack your body. The infection and spreading to your partner is possible even though there is no sign appeared. When the virus attack without any sign then it will be called as asymptomatic sign. the virus can appear again when you immune system level get low. Outbreak will happen continuously around 6 up to 10 times during first year.
Genital herpes transmission risk, male vs female
Most of us usually associate genital herpes disease with female. In fact, male also have risk to get genital herpes virus. However, female tend to have greater risk since most of vagina comprised of mucous membranes. The virus of herpes simplex itself is more depend on the location of where body get contact with the virus rather than the gender differences. Several area that carry greater risk of getting infected are vagina, anus, glans penis, glans clitoris, urethra, clitoral hood, mouth, lips and etc.
Genital herpes transmission risk, fact and cause
Gender is not have a specific relation with genital herpes risk. The risk is getting bigger when you do not have healthy sexual life such as do not use condom in regular basis. Based on this, having healthy sexual life including taking a routine test will help you to reduce your risk of getting genital herpes. Taking your antiviral medication routinely and avoid having sex will automatically decrease the genital herpes transmission risk.

Genital Herpes Sign on Male Genital Head, Step by step Recognition

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