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Sunday, December 25, 2016

3 Main Danger of Untreated Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is include into one of the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease that attacking 4 of 5 adult in United States. Unluckily, many of us that do not aware of this fact. The virus itself is mainly caused by herpes simplex type 2. The infection of this virus itself may caused by skin to skin contact such as contact with the infected area or intercourse. The sores of this disease may healed but the virus itself stay remain for years awaiting for their recurrent time. That is why, it still caused several dangerous things on your health like described below:
Lower Immune System Level
When you are infected with genital herpes then you will be automatically put your immune system at risk. If the immune level get lower then you may likely get more outbreak possibility along with various complication that follow it. The type of complication itself such as bad headaches, fever and swollen glands.
Discomfort feeling
Without proper treatment, your herpes virus will left reappear sores. It may appear again every few weeks. Living with this condition is absolutely create discomfort feeling. Previously, you will feel itchy or burning sensation. This feeling will remain and haunted you since you will never ever predict when it will happen. The discomfort feeling itself may not lesser even though the sores may healed without any left scar on your skin.
Virus spreading
Improper treatment on your genital herpes disease will create other danger. You are in high risk on transmitting it into your sexual partner. The condition will be getting worse if you are pregnant. You may not only feel the suffer and pain by yourself but also transmit it into your fetus inside the womb. Your baby will be likely have the risk on newborn baby death, blindness or brain damage. Another scary risk is miscarriage and premature birth.
Just be more aware and contact the doctor immediately to be seriously treatment with your genital herpes problem.

4 Main Things about Genital Herpes Symptom in Women

In fact, genital herpes is include the highest rate of sexually disease that commonly transmitted in the United States. This disease itself may caused by type 1 and type 2 herpes simplex virus. For the patient, it is well known as attacked more on women than men. It is usually attack people during 15 and 24 of age. Since women is the most attacked one then you need to be more aware of the possibility getting infected. Earlier awareness of the symptom will lead you into a better step to take prior test and the treatment.
Need to know more about it? Check out the following 4 main things below:
Genital herpes early symptom in vaginal area
When you get herpes virus, 2 up to 12 days after the initial infection is the time of first symptom to appear. Most of you may think that this disease will only spreading through intercourse but it may also infected you without intercourse relationship. Early symptom in women usually named as prodromal symptom. This is the stage that happen before the sore or lesion appear. You will feel the series of discomfort including tingle, itchy, pain and burning sensation around genital area for about a few hours up to one day before the sores appear.
Herpes outbreak
Outbreak is the symptom stage where you can find the blister fulfilled with fluid around the genital area. The sores itself will appear in the external genital, opening of vagina, inside the vagina, buttocks and upside of the inner thighs.Small cluster often appeared and called as vesicles that will break in one day or two. The only thing that left is open sores which will healing automatically during the time that passed by. Outbreak of herpes usually followed by vaginal discharge, swollen lymph nodes in the groin and urination with burning sensation for about 2 up to 4 weeks.
General women body symptom
When the initial outbreak of herpes appear then the vaginal discomfort will likely to occur. Same with other infection that caused by virus, the first symptom usually initiated with headache, fever and body aches. This may badly affect you in several first days and stay still for about 2 weeks of length period.
No symptoms appeared
Even though genital herpes is including into one of most contagious sexual transmitted disease but most people may not aware of the infection itself. They may think that they are just fine even though the infection is started. It is simply because this disease may attack without showing any symptom. Some reason is the mild symptom that may happen so that we will easily refer it into another type of common disease. Most people who get infected will think that painful feeling on the urinary tract is only urinary track infection. However, it still contagious to the other with or without symptom showed.
If you get any tingle, burn sensation or sores in your vaginal area then you better immediately see your doctor to get tested. It is helpful to make sure whether you are infected with this disease or not. If you are proved to be infected then you can get proper type of treatment earlier. Not only providing medication to helping you deal with it, the doctor is usually also provide you with psychological consultation to manage with the stress and prevent the recurrence outbreak of genital herpes.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

4 Important Point on Genital Herpes Breakfast Diets

Genital herpes may affect 4 of 5 adult in United Stated. Unluckily, less of us aware of it. Moreover, more of us do not know that there is no cure of this disease yet. Once you get infected by the virus then you cannot get away from it. What you can do is just try to manage with it. Change your unhealthy life style and diet pattern is just one suggestion among all. Stress is also advised to be avoided if you want to minimize the trigger to make the genital blister and cold sores appear. Healthy breakfast is the next important step to take if you want to deal with it. Start with balance amino acids level on your breakfast menu is a great beginning. Try the following suggestion along with previous consultation with doctor to reach maximum result:

Dairy Food diet
Consuming 3 times of plain yoghurt is a great example of genital herpes diet. Even fruit from tropical season that usually referred to healthy food is also need to be decreased. The best way to overcome it by simply add yoghurt with the chopped pineapple for example. Do not forget to increase your consumption level on fruit that contain high vitamin C level to boost the immune system. Nuts and granola is also needed since it can trigger to increase the arginine level. How about you who do not become a huge fan of yoghurt? Try to substitute it with ricotta cheese and cottage cheese.
Genital herpes not to eat list
Amino acid arginine is the one who need to be minimized since it support the virus growth. What you need to do is make sure that the level of amino acid arginine and lysine stay balance or even take more lysine can be a great effort to fight with the virus. There are a lot of option to choose such as decrease the sugary food intake, minimize consumption on oatmeal, whole wheat toast, cereal and cream of wheat. Those type of food include into the do not eat list since it can weakened your immune system and trigger the herpes virus outbreak.
Healthy fast breakfast choice
The needs of breakfast in such rumble morning usually make us less aware of the needs on healthy breakfast consumption. Genital herpes patient need it badly. Low fat milk with higher lysine mix of smoothie is a great choice to take. Just try to add some mango that has high vitamin C level in it. For you who really need to manage stress can try the kale and chard smoothies. Most vegetables contain high lysine level so you can try to consume it more than before. Apple or dried apricots is also another quick and healthy breakfast to take.
Egg is also has high lysine level. Make an omelet with mixture of cheddar or mozarella cheese with spinach, mushroom and peppers is already great healthy breakfast. Chopped ham or canadian bacon is another great option to take. However, do not forget to eat fresh fruit such as a slice of avocado or black beans on your breakfast routine to get healthy genital herpes diet.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

4 Steps to Recognize Male Genital Herpes through Penis Head

Male genital herpes can expose you during the intercourse. Both of HSV type 1 and 2 maybe contribute to this since both area around the mouth and genital will always been involved in sexual relationship. All adult may contact with this virus. Unluckily, this disease is not curable yet, possible to have periodic outbreak and the virus will stay remain for years. However, as soon as you find out that you are having this disease then you can get sooner treatment of medication. How you can help yourself for this? Male need to be aware of the penis head condition to find out whether they already had this disease attack or not.

Step 1  
Take a look and be aware if you found out any  itchy, pain or small red bumps in your penis head. The bumps itself can be similar to acne with small or large patches. Sometime sit may found out round sores or red patches with white pustule. You better search for any picture of genital herpes outbreak to fulfilled yourself with sufficient information of how it visualized.
Step 2
Figure out are your bumps have open up or turn into painful sores. To be sure whether it creates painful reaction or not, you can try to press the bumps with your fingertips. If the open sores is leaking then it may creates blood or leak pus.
Step 3
Be warned if you have painful urination. This is the condition that may happen when your head of penis has similar bumps or sores that also occur in your urethra.
Step 4
Genital herpes have quick spreading movement. If you suspect that your partner have it then you better do not do any unprotected sexual intercourse. Any prevention effort needed since the herpes will spread quickly and covering up the whole infected area.
For your own protection, you  better do periodical checking so that you can make sure that you are protected. In fact, the virus may remain under skin cells for years and come up again when your immune system get down. Do not under estimate this disease since it may not show any visible lesion or sores. Visit your doctor for check up, consultation and treatment if needed for your male genital herpes disease.

4 Vitamins and Supplements to Treat Genital Herpes

Genital herpes catches you when you are getting exposed by herpes simplex virus. Both the type of 1 and 2 of herpes simplex can cause this disease even though the type 2 likely to be the most causes. One of potential cause to get this disease is unhealthy sexual contact. Even if your sexual partner do not have any easily to see symptom or lesion then you still have high possibility to get it. Unluckily, there is no exact cure for this. 
However, certain vitamins and supplements still be able to help you manage with it. This type of supplements and vitamins can support you to controlling the outbreak or symptom. Of course, you cannot simply take any vitamin or supplement that advised to take to help you manage with that. Each people condition and ability to accept the vitamin and supplement is different. Some others may feel healthier than before while the other may get the allergic. That is why you better have prior consultation with the health practitioner before taking any of this.
Here are several vitamins and supplement to deal with genital herpes:
Vitamin C
Vitamin c is well known to provide high antioxidant level. Automatically it can help you to increase your immune system. As previously explained that low immune level can make you easily get attacked by herpes virus. If your immune system get fixed then the spreading of this disease can be reduced. The repeating of this disease is also possible to get decreased when the immune system gets higher.
Vitamin E
Another type of vitamin that will be helpful to manage with genital herpes disease is vitamin E. It can help you to create healthier skin cell while boost the healing of lesion and sores capability. Besides that, vitamin e can be your companion to fight with the herpes simplex virus. Do not forget to also count on its ability to increase your immune system and minimize the virus effect.
Sound strange to hear that garlic can help you to deal with HSV-2 virus right? However, it does. Garlic contain ajoene and allicin to build your immune system. Those two chemical compound is effective enough to prevent you from the virus. Do not forget that garlic also has high antioxidant level that is great to fight any damage on skin cells.
Herbal as goldenseal is also provide anti bacterial and anti virus for your body. Automatically, it can decrease the herpes simple virus effect. Of course, you will need to contact your doctor previously before consume this for your genital herpes problem.

Genital Herpes Sign on Male Genital Head, Step by step Recognition

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