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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All You Need to Know about Xerese Top, Medicine for Genital Herpes

One of common medicine for genital herpes is xerese top. Actually, this type of medicine made from 2 basic ingredients. Those ingredients are acyclovir and hydrocortisone. The ingredient is use to deal with fever blister and cold sores that appear because of herpes simplex infection. Acyclovir is a kind of antiviral that works by stopping the herpes virus growth. 

Another ingredient called hydrocortisone is a type of corticosteroid to decrease the burning, pain and itchy. It can speed up the sores healing but cannot be used as remedy or prevention for infection transfer. Besides that, this medicine for genital herpes is also cannot stop the recurrent outbreak. Similar with other type of medication, you should read the information leaflet carefully before applying this medication.
This medication will work well if you using it in the primary outbreak or as soon as you see the cold sore symptom. Do not forget to wash your hand with water and soap before applying the medication. Just try to apply thin layer of this medication on the infected area 5 times per day. Apply the medication again every 3 up to 4 hours for about 5 days of usage. Apply the cream until it cover up the entire infected areas.
What you need to remember is never rubbing the infected area to prevent any spreading to the other area. Never cover up the sore area with bandage or other skin product since it will make the sore get worse. Besides that, do not bathe, swim or take shower for about 30 minutes after the medication applied. Next thing to keep in mind is never apply this medicine into your genital, eyes, nose area and inside your mouth. 

Herpes can spread easily, that is why you better be aware of your daily habit. Do not share your cups, towels, razor and eating utensils during the outbreak period. Avoid kissing and wash away your hand immediately after touching the sore or infected area. However, if you find that your condition get worse after 2 weeks of application then you better consult with your doctor to get the best suggestion and treatment.

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