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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Perfect Treatment for Genital Herpes Outbreak

Finding out proper treatment for genital herpes outbreak is important to reduce the suffering. The first outbreak commonly called as initial treatment. Usually, your doctor will provide 10 days brief course when you get diagnosed as genital herpes patient. During this period, you will be given antiviral therapy to prevent worse attack. If there is no changing in the arranged therapy then your doctor may give you drug therapy in a longer period. 

The antiviral therapy for genital herpes outbreak consists of 2 types. The first one is the intermittent treatment.  During this treatment you will get antiviral drug prescription. The antiviral pill itself will be consumed for about 2 up to 5 days immediately after you get the outbreak sores. The genital herpes sore itself will be disappearing but you may need to consume the drug to ease the pain and faster healing.
Another type of treatment is suppressive treatment. This therapy will be given when you often get outbreak symptom. It will make you consume the antiviral drug in daily basis. If you have more than 6 outbreaks in a year then suppressive antiviral therapy will decrease the outbreak up to 80%. Even some people that get this therapy do not have any outbreak.
If you have common outbreaks, it will automatically disturbing your life and connection with other. If the case is severe then your doctor usually suggests you to take the suppressive therapy. It is also possible to decrease your risk to transfer the herpes virus to your partner since the antiviral drug can make the virus ability to copy get lessen. 

In fact, genital herpes patient that is consuming valacyclovir in daily basis can have more protection shield to infect their sex partner. However, you still need to use condom to add the protection. The study is even find out that around 75% partner of genital herpes patient do not contaminate with this disease after consuming anti viral drug in daily basis.

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