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Saturday, December 17, 2016

4 Vitamins and Supplements to Treat Genital Herpes

Genital herpes catches you when you are getting exposed by herpes simplex virus. Both the type of 1 and 2 of herpes simplex can cause this disease even though the type 2 likely to be the most causes. One of potential cause to get this disease is unhealthy sexual contact. Even if your sexual partner do not have any easily to see symptom or lesion then you still have high possibility to get it. Unluckily, there is no exact cure for this. 
However, certain vitamins and supplements still be able to help you manage with it. This type of supplements and vitamins can support you to controlling the outbreak or symptom. Of course, you cannot simply take any vitamin or supplement that advised to take to help you manage with that. Each people condition and ability to accept the vitamin and supplement is different. Some others may feel healthier than before while the other may get the allergic. That is why you better have prior consultation with the health practitioner before taking any of this.
Here are several vitamins and supplement to deal with genital herpes:
Vitamin C
Vitamin c is well known to provide high antioxidant level. Automatically it can help you to increase your immune system. As previously explained that low immune level can make you easily get attacked by herpes virus. If your immune system get fixed then the spreading of this disease can be reduced. The repeating of this disease is also possible to get decreased when the immune system gets higher.
Vitamin E
Another type of vitamin that will be helpful to manage with genital herpes disease is vitamin E. It can help you to create healthier skin cell while boost the healing of lesion and sores capability. Besides that, vitamin e can be your companion to fight with the herpes simplex virus. Do not forget to also count on its ability to increase your immune system and minimize the virus effect.
Sound strange to hear that garlic can help you to deal with HSV-2 virus right? However, it does. Garlic contain ajoene and allicin to build your immune system. Those two chemical compound is effective enough to prevent you from the virus. Do not forget that garlic also has high antioxidant level that is great to fight any damage on skin cells.
Herbal as goldenseal is also provide anti bacterial and anti virus for your body. Automatically, it can decrease the herpes simple virus effect. Of course, you will need to contact your doctor previously before consume this for your genital herpes problem.

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