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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Genital Herpes in Women, First Sign in Vagina

Genital Herpes in Women, First Sign in Vagina
Genital herpes is listed as one of most common spreading of sexually transmitted disease in United States. This STD is also commonly found in women than men. Based on that, women need to recognize the sign earlier in order to get proper treatment. Even though most cases of genital herpes comes up without any clear symptom appear but you are still possible to recognize some sign in vaginal area.
Genital Herpes in Women Vagina
Usually, the symptom will appear in vaginal area around 2 up to 12 days after the initial infection. This virus is attack during sexual contact even though do not necessarily need intercourse. When the first sign is appeared in vaginal area then it will be called as prodromal symptom. This is the phase before sores get developed. Commonly, you will feel itchy, tingle, pain and burning sensation while urinating. The sign itself can last for few hours up to a day untill the sores appear.
Genital Herpes, outbreak phase
This is the phase where outbreak happen and fluid filles sores is developed. Usually it will occur in the opening of vagina, inside vagina, external genital area, buttock and upper area of inner thighs. Small cluster called vesicles will be formed. Vesicles will break open in one or two days and leave a painful sores. Not only sores, women may have vaginal discharge and swollen lymph nodes in groin area that last for two up to four weeks.
Genital Herpes in Women, general symptom
First outbreak is the most infectious phase where the virus will easily transferred to the other. During this time, you may have experience fever, body aches and headache. The pain will be severe during first few days of initial infection and may last for about two weeks. Unluckily, most cases comes without symptom. It makes patient do not aware that they have already get infected. At least, if you feel tingle, vaginal burning and sores then you better meet doctor and get tested to make sure. By doing that, you can simply get treatment earlier and safe yourself from further severe effect of genital herpes.

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