Genital Herpes Trigger, Recognizing the Potential One

Genital Herpes Trigger, Recognizing the Potential One
Genital herpes trigger is the kind of condition that makes patient experience genital herpes outbreak. If you can recognize the trigger then you can manage and minimize your risk of getting genital herpes outbreak. There are several type of trigger that need to be aware of. Those trigger will be detailed as follow

sexual intercourse
Usually, the friction of sexual intercourse will irritate your skin and causing symptom to begin. You better avoid spermicide nonoxynol-9 since it can irritate the mucous membranes and vaginal lining. Oil based lubricant is also the type to better avoid. In other side, water base lubricant is a better option because it can minimize irritation.
You better choose the right lubricant material and condom material. Besides that, having a healthy sexual habit is also helpful to minimize your risk of getting genital herpes. Having multiple sexual partner is also taking part of risk increasing. Be a monogamous and practice safe sex is better option for your sexual life and maintain your health in future.
Hormone changes
The changes of your hormone which is common to happen during menstrual cycle usually trigger genital herpes outbreak.
Surgery commonly create trauma to the body. Automatically, people who experience surgery tend to have genital herpes symptom.
Genital herpes trigger and immune system connection
Weak immune system
When your immune system get weakened, your body capability to defend the virus which try to attack is decreased. Automatically, genital herpes virus tend to come in easily. Patient with HIV or in chemotherapy treatment is also include in a high risk of getting genital herpes outbreak. It is simply because  this type of therapy and medical treatment will make your immune system reduced.
However, the trigger that causing someoe get genital herpes outbreak may not the same with the other. Even doctor can not be sure that exact trigger will cause the same effect to the other patient since each person condition is vary. Increase your awareness. Once you fell that you have the symptom of trigger, called the doctor or have a visit immediately. Early recognition and high awareness will increase your chance of getting early proper treatment. Not only that, it helps you to avoid severe effect in the future that caused by lack recognition of genital herpes trigger.