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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Acylovirax, One of the Best Genital Herpes Medication

If you have genital herpes disease then you may not that strange to hear medicine call acylovirax. This medication is one of the suggested genital herpes medication to prevent the spreading of HSV 2 virus. Acylovirax can support the divide and multiply process of HSV 2 virus. This medication itself categorized as the synthetic nucleoside analogues. 

Acyclovir categorized as one of the best since it is already approved by FDA since 1980. Belong into generic medication, it is made under brand name Zovirax. The producer of this medicine is Glaxo Smith Kline. This medication is available in the capsule, tablet and liquid form. Any form of this medicine can be useful to treat varicella virus in chicken pox and infection on genital herpes virus.
However, the point that should be understand by all of us is that acyclovir as genital herpes medication cannot cure viral infection of HSV 2. This medication is just help to decrease the severe level of infection. Besides that, it is also useful to prevent the recurrence of the genital herpes outbreak. The best treatment is using acyclovir immediately after get infected or the rash presence. 

The best period to use acyclovir is as soon as possible when the symptom of genital herpes infection appears. One thing that you should remember is not using this medicine for young children under 2 years old. Another important thing when consuming this medicine is drinking plenty of fluid in the same time.  

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