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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Perfect Genital Herpes Treatment Type to Prevent Continuous Outbreak

Continuous outbreak makes you always worried and severe. I bet most of genital herpes patient always want to find what type of perfect genital herpes treatment type to deal with it. It is not easy to find but you still can do the following ways to prevent another outbreak hits and make you suffer:

Maintain your immune system level
The best prevention from continuous outbreak is keeping your immune system stay healthy. It is essential since the outbreak will come back again when your immune gets low. Try to consume a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoid stress and take proper qualified sleep.
Consult with doctor
Whenever you feel that your immune system gets low, you better consult your doctor to get proper medication. You may get antiviral drug or other medication to decrease the attack risk.
Consume the right food
The best foods to consume during this genital herpes treatment type are potato, egg, dairy product and food that contain high amino acid and arginine level. Besides that, peanut, chocolate and rice is also good for you. You may also consume food that contains lysine since it can prevent the arginine to attack your blood stream. 

Joining the support group
It will be better if you can share and have another people to talk to. Even though it cannot heal you but at least it can relieve you from the burden and stress. Your lonely and guilty feeling may get erase. In fact, healthy mind can bring faster healing.

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