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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Does Genital Herpes affect Pregnancy?

Who says that genital herpes will only affect your health? This disease is even possible to infect the womb when you are pregnant. Be sure to have prenatal care visit and explain the entire symptom to your doctor. There are many cases when this type of herpes can lead into miscarriage or even premature delivery. Of course your health and your baby will be threatened without proper treatment. 

Not only high risk of miscarriage, genital herpes may also lead you into more serious problem. You can pass the herpes infection into your unborn child. This potential deadly infection or neonatal herpes can bring serious health problem into your unborn child. That is why you better do prenatal care routinely or doing some test to make sure that you can avoid this disease during the pregnancy.
When delivery time is coming, doctor usually performs the c section surgery to make sure that both of you and your baby safe. This procedure usually suggested when you are having herpes. We always have to be aware since most of us may do not have any visible symptom or just a mild one. Even some of us may misunderstand the herpes condition is another skin problem. It is simply because it may only seen as ingrown hair or pimple.
Usually, this type of herpes sore can be seen from one or more blister on the genital, rectum or just simply around it. When the blisters break, it will create painful sores and need more than 1 week to get heal. This period usually called as having an outbreak phase. When the outbreak happen at the first time, it will come together with such body ache, swollen gland and fever like an influenza disease. 
The outbreak will repeat usually on the first year after the infection attack. When the repetition happens, the outbreak will be less severe than the first one. Even though the infection stays inside your body, the outbreak is not continuous to happen. Usually the outbreak will be decrease over years period. If you have any symptom, you can visit doctor with your partner to have some test. Be aware of some smelly discharge, burning urinating, bleeding between period time and unusual sore. 

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