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Friday, September 5, 2014

Recognizing Antiviral Genital Herpes Medication

One of the most common used as genital herpes medication the antiviral one. The popular medicines are consisting of 3 types. Those are acyclovir, valaciclovir and famciclovir. However, even though those 3 medicines have the similar function but it will be available with various brand names. Those medicine works by blocking the herpes virus so that the virus cannot multiply themselves. It just stops the virus to multiply its amount but cannot definitely clear the virus from our body. 

Be sure to use the antiviral medicine as your genital herpes medication during the early episode of the symptom. Using this type of medication earlier can decrease your severe and symptom duration. Aciclovir as the oldest type of antiviral medicine will be need to be taken 5 times per day while the newer medicine like famciclovir and valaciclovir only need to be use 3 times in a day.
The antiviral medication cannot cure your herpes but can help you to get ease your pain and discomfort when the outbreak is happen. Apply it during the first outbreak to get maximum result. When you use it during the repetition of outbreak then it should be taken immediately when there is any itchy, blister, burning or tingling feels. If you have many outbreaks, you can consume it in daily basis to prevent the outbreak and decrease the risk of infecting another people. 
The same as other medicine, this antiviral medicine may result headache, nausea, vomit, fatigue, tremor, seizures and rash. If you are infected by the genital herpes during pregnancy then you may get herpes treatment during your last period to decrease the outbreak risk on delivery period. When the outbreak happens during delivery, c section surgery usually will be done. This type of surgery is done to decrease the chance of infecting the baby.

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