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Monday, September 15, 2014

Get All You Need to Know about Male Genital Herpes

Male genital herpes is defined as any lesion or sore that presence in the male urethra, penis and scrotum. This type of disease is also well known as sore ulcers. When you feel several symptoms such as penis drainage, painful urination, itchy or pain at the sore then you may suffer from this disease. In fact, the sore may not only one but few. It is even can be found in your mouth or even throat.
Each disease happens because of specific causes. Male genital herpes caused by transmitted disease. Unluckily, most of HSV 2 patient do not aware about their condition or even do not know that they have it. Even the research is showing that 4 from 5 American men get infected. It is simply because male population is categorized as sexually active carries of the HSV 2 viruses.
The carrier of HSV 2 virus is usually only aware about their condition after they suffer from the initial outbreak. This is the period when they feel the pain and get the sore or blister. Usually, the outbreak itself will be happen around 2 up to 20 days after the first time being exposed by the virus after infected sexual intercourse. This condition is the basic why men need to be more aware and educated about the herpes symptom to prevent serious painful and late treatment. 

First outbreak can be easily seen from several symptoms such as itchy, burning feeling and irritation. Besides that, you also need to be aware on sudden flu symptom like chill, headache, fatigue and fever. Men that have genital herpes also can feel the burning sensation during urinating. Do not forget to also count the sore and swelling of lymph nodes. It will be also added with the muscle ache and sudden pain in the lower back and groin. 

When you get those symptoms above few days after having sexual intercourse then you may get infected by HSV 2 virus. Be sure to consult with physician immediately so that you can get the best treatment to reduce the severe. Besides that, consult with health care provider will prevent you from getting any other dangerous sexual transmitted disease.

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