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Monday, September 15, 2014

General Information of General Herpes Type

General herpes type can be recognized by the examination of health expert through the symptom presence. Another way is by taking some sample from the sore and then held a test on it. The key is always telling the entire symptom and suffer that you feel so that the health provider can suggest whether you need another further test or not.  
In fact, genital herpes type disease is the one that has not any cure yet. The solution is just some medicine to prevent and decrease the outbreak risk. Usually, the medicine will be consumed in daily basis so that you can reduce the possibility to transfer this disease to your sex partner. Without proper treatment, you may feel severe pain genital sores.
Anytime when you touch the sore or fluid from the sore, you may transfer the herpes into another part of your body where your hand touches. That is why you better avoid touching the genital sore or touching the fluids from the sore. When you already touch it, make sure that you wash your hand immediately so that you can minimize the risk to transfer the disease. 

Most of people that has genital herpes will worry about their sex life or relationship with other. Dealing with this, you better consult with health care provider to find the best way to manage with this disease. Another important thing to do is open up with your partner about this disease. The risk will get higher if you are pregnant since you may transfer this disease into your unborn child.

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