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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Great Selection of Home Remedies for Genital Herpes

Nowadays, genital herpes patient is not only hanging their hope on antiviral drugs. They may also choose home remedies for genital herpes. One of perfect choice is honey. It cannot cure the disease but at least it can reduce the symptom suffer. Even honey can provide 59 % percent better result for genital herpes case than acyclovir medicine. Your pain will also get reduce by the honey. 

Just try to remember that the type of honey you can use on home remedies for genital herpes is the raw one. The raw one is chosen since it has better result that the processed one. Manuka honey is one of the best. Choose the semi fluid and apply it directly to the open sore. Do this home remedies for genital herpes 4 times per day or even bath in honey. Do not worry since it is even make you feel the itchy. What you need to do is choose the right honey to get the maximum result.
Keep in mind that processed honey that you can simply find in the grocery is not the one that you can sue for your problem. The raw one is a good choice since it can draw the fluid from your wound, release low level of hydrogen peroxide and contain high sugar suppresses microorganism growth. Come back with natural treatment can be your alternative to avoid drug over use and antibiotic resistant infection possibilities.
Besides honey, you can take vitamin c, aloe vera, lysine, resveratrol, garlic, lemon balm and resveratrol. Resveratrol is potential antioxidant that contain in grape seed while lactoferrin is found in colostrum. You can take the homeopathic herpes simplex formula that free from toxic and side effect or emotional freedom technique. This technique is a psychological acupuncture that applied without needles.
Just tapping on your acupuncture meridian and your emotional condition will be healed. Remember that healthy or happy mind bring healthy body. This technique will go through your emotion root and activate your immune system. Finally, it can increase your immune level and create better physical condition. Besides that, high dose of vitamin D routinely can resolve the herpes infection.

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