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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knowing a Complete Fact on Genital Herpes Sores

In fact, genital herpes sores cannot be cure. However, we still can reduce the severe by recognizing the symptom earlier. By earlier recognition we can reduce the suffer and also do series of prevention treatment.  One of the common suggested is the antiviral medication prescription. This type of medicine usually uses to decrease the pain from the outbreak. The genital herpes patient will consume it in daily basis to reduce the virus multiply ability. 

Genital herpes sores can happen again.  If you ever have the initial outbreak then you may have another 4 up to 5 outbreaks in a year. When time goes by, your body becomes more immune to the virus and it reduces the outbreak. The outbreak itself is commonly happen during your illness or even low emotionally. Those two times is chosen since that is the time when your immune get weaker and your body less active. 
The sores may easily happen when you have fatigue, illness or trauma. Even surgery is also possible to create another repeated sore. Menstruation period is also another event that may trigger herpes sores in woman. Sexual intercourse is also another trigger. The biggest and powerful trigger is the stress since it will make your immune get weaker and easily to get attacked by disease.

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