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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things to Avoid When Consume Xerese for Genital Herpes Medicine

Even though xerese commonly prescribed for genital herpes medicine but we still need to be aware for its usage. Each medication has its own proper dosage. This rule is also applied on the xerese top application. At least, you will need to be aware on the danger of xerese top overdose and missed dose. Do not forget to also pay attention on proper storage of this medication to make sure it will function well. 

First thing to be aware is the xerese top overdose. One thing should be remembered is never swallowing this genital herpes medicine. It will be very harmful when swallowed. It is even more dangerous if you apply it in overdose. Be sure to immediately contact emergency room or the poison control center when you recognizing overdose happen.  If you are a US resident, you may contact the National Poison Hotline center at 1-800-222-1222.
If missed dose is the case then you have to apply it as soon as you remember it. If the time when you remember is near the time of the next dose then you better skip the missed one and doing your routine usage schedule. Never ever try to doubling the usage since it may cause dangerous effect to your health. Last important thing to be aware is never sharing this medicine with other to prevent infection spreading risk.
Always maintain your health condition so that you will not pull any trigger that makes the outbreak comes again like get influenza, cold or stress. Even lack of sleep or sun exposure without sun block can be the possible trigger for the recurrent outbreak. For the maximum result, store this medicine in the room temperature and stay away from the light and moisture. Close the tube tight whenever you finished using it. 

Be sure that this medication far away from child and pet reach to avoid unwanted thing. Never flush the medication on the toilet or even pour in the drain without any previous instruction. If it is expired or no longer needed then you should discard it properly. You may contact the pharmacist or the local waste disposal company to find the best discard way.

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