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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What should be Aware with Acyclovir as Medicine for Genital Herpes?

One of most suggested medicine for genital herpes is Acyclovir. This medication commonly used for antiviral medication such as suppressive therapy. Similar with other medicine, this drug also has several side effects. That is why you better do some prior consultation with your doctor before taking acyclovir.  It is called a prevention action to deny all the unwanted effect.
Some people may do not have any problem to consume any medication. However, some other may have allergy. That is why you should do some prior check to make sure that you will not suffer with the medicine for genital herpes disease. Another case that you better consult is when you are pregnant or even breastfeed. In fact, there is not enough proof about acyclovir consumption during pregnancy.
There is no enough evidence whether you are safe to take acyclovir during pregnancy. It is simply because this medication may pass into your breast milk when you are breastfeed.  Doctor also needs to know about your medical history. It is essential to find out what type of medication that properly take and matched with your health condition. Do not forget to also consult about your consumed vitamins, supplements and medication.
Acyclovir is cannot consumed freely especially if you have kidney disease. It is simply because this medicine may weaken your immune system. Consuming acyclovir improperly may increase your health attack risk. Acyclovir cannot be your guarantee to have safe sex relationship. That is why you better asking for health practitioner suggestion about safe sex practice.

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