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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Complete Facts of Female Genital Herpes

Female genital herpes is already becomes one of common disease that attacking a lot of women. Usually, this disease is transferred by sexual intercourse that contain HSV 2 virus. This virus will enter our skin or mucous membranes. Any microscopic break in the skin and mucous membrane will allow this virus to entering our skin. Genital herpes is possible to cause by any type of sexual contact on genital area that you do with your partner.

Common female genital herpes symptom are ulcer, blister, burn, tingle, itchy, fever, body ache and swollen lymph nodes in genital and skin area. These series of symptom itself can come and go for the rest of our life. It can be detect through some skin changes around our genital area. However, we will need to do some test to get an accurate result. The test is needed to decide what type of best treatment for it.

Genital herpes has no cure. Even though there is no cure, the common used medication method is the consumption of antiviral medication. This type of medicine is used to decrease the frequency and the pain of genital herpes disease. Besides that, you may take some home remedy method to ease the pain such as salt warm water bathing, manuka honey and other treatment. Condom may help but cannot provide fully protection since you cannot protect the whole skin with condom.

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