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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Female Genital Herpes Sign

It is difficult to recognize the sign of female genital herpes. It is simply because some woman may do not have certain sign or outbreak to identify the disease easier. It makes many woman do not know that they already infected. In fact, once the virus infecting you then it will stay in your nerve cell for the rest of your life. One day, the outbreak will occur when the virus is active. However, some women have multiple outbreaks while some other have less or even nothing at all.

The female genital herpes first outbreak usually will occur within 2 weeks after the virus infection. Commonly, it will carry several sign such as tingle, itchy, burn in the genital area. Besides that, you may also feel the swollen gland, flu like symptom, body pain, vaginal discharge, headache, pain when urinate and below stomach pressure. After several days, the ulcer, bluster and sore will be develop where the virus entering the body part.
First outbreak is not the end of genital herpes disease. After that, you will get another more outbreak. However, the recurrent outbreak will last shorter and less painful that the first outbreak. The sign is also get milder than the primary one. The most important thing is always keep your immune system level to deal better with the outbreak. Besides that, consuming anti viral medication is also help full to make the outbreak get shorter, less painful and less frequent.
Another important thing to think about is keeping your mind stay strong. Do not keep a high embarrass or ashamed feeling. Stay positive with your relationship and joining the support group so that you can get a lot of chance to share, gain support and solution to fight together.

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