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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Does Honey Useful on Home Remedy for Genital Herpes Method?

Most of health practitioner will suggest using acyclovir ointment or other type of topical medication when herpes outbreak happens. Only some of them that recognize the effective power of home remedy for genital herpes. Remedy can provide faster healing than any type of medication treatment. Another great thing about home remedy is its contain less effects. One of natural ingredient that commonly used is honey. It is even proved can bring better result than the acyclovir medication.

When applied the honey, you will get less pain and also crusting. To make sure that you are getting maximum result with less risk is using the raw honey. It is simply because raw honey can work better than the regular processed one. One of the best is Manuka honey. Choose the semi fluid one. What you need to do is applying the honey directly on your open sore. You can apply the honey 4 times per day or even take honey bathing.
Through some study, there is no side effect during the process of using this home remedy for genital herpes material. Honey is great for preventing the sign and symptom of recurrent lesion. It is absolutely proved as a safe and effective method to apply. In fact, honey is already used as conventional therapy for infection until the early of 20th century. However, there are some honey that should never apply on your open sore and wound. Great quality of raw honey can draw the fluid from your wound and boost your healing process.

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