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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Important Knowledge of Genital Herpes Stages

Even though 4 of 5 men in US get genital herpes but rarely know completely about genital herpes stages. It is simply because the virus affects each people differently. Some people may get certain symptom while other may get a different one. Some of you may get severe symptom from one outbreak to another outbreak. In the other side, you may do not have experience on any outbreak.

The symptom itself will be vary depend on your immune system condition. You better learn about genital herpes stages completely so that you have sufficient knowledge on proper treatment and protection toward this virus. First stages called prodome. It is happen when the active virus move to the skin surface and create outbreak. You are very contagious on this period.
You may experience vaginal discharge during prodome stages. You are contagious to others at this point. It can cause a vaginal discharge, painful feeling down on your leg and buttock and pain when urinating. Not only that, you may also get tingle and itchy on the infected area. The virus that stays in the skin cell may spread the virus to other at this stage.
Next stage is when you have redness in your skin. When it is happen, your skin becomes more sensitive. The virus will try to find the way to get into the surface. This stage will be last for about 1 up to 4 days. When you get this stage, you are becoming very contagious to other. Next stage is the blister form period. During this stage, blister will appear on your skin. Simple sign is the single lesion or blister cluster that exists around the genital area.
When blister grow, it will filled up with fluid that consist of high level of virus. 2 up to 6 days of this stages period will bring painful feeling. You better avoid any type of activity that makes your skin get irritated during this period of time. Besides that, wearing a loose outfit will also be an effective ways to reduce the discomfort. When the lesion gets the peak, you are being more contagious.
Later on, blister will open up and release the liquid inside. The best thing you can do to deal with it is always make sure that the area will always be dry and also clean. During this stage, you may get difficulties even for sit, urinate or shower. That is why you should wear cotton undergarment to reduce your discomfort feeling.
Do not involve in any sexual contact since you are very contagious during this time. The blister itself will be open up for about 1 up to 4 days. When the blister gets drained then the sores will be dry and form the scab. Scab should not being picked because it will leave some scar. You better avoid to touch it and let it dry by itself. Later on, scab fall, blister get fade and your skin get healed. Healing process usually will last for about 3 up to 7 days. During this time, you better avoid to do any sexual intercourse to avoid the virus spreading.

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