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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Various Genital Herpes Test

One of common sexually transmitted disease is genital herpes. If you want to know earlier about this disease then you better know the kind of genital herpes test that possible to take. Test is needed since most people who have this disease do not know that they already infected by the virus. It is possible since it may come without any symptom. 

Having no symptom does not mean that you will not infected other. You can be contagious and infect other people without being aware of it. Some other may get mistaken to recognize the symptom with other type of disease. You better consult with your health care provider to hold the test. The test is even needed when you have sores on your genital part.
Mainly, there are two types of genital herpes test that you can take. Those tests are as follow:
Cell culture test
Cell culture need sample of cells from the sore. The sample will be examined under the microscope.
PCR blood test
PCR blood test will look for the virus DNA to find out whether you really have genital herpes disease or not. This type of test is recognized as the most common and accurate test.
Antibody test
This test worked by examines the antibodies. An antibody is protein that produced by your immune system that response toward infection. During the test, the direct fluorescent antibody will be tested. The sample of cell will be added with HSV antibodies and fluorescent dye. When the virus is attacked you then the antibodies will stick to it and glowing on microscope examination.
From antibody test, you can find out what type of HSV virus that attacking you. HSV 2 virus patient will have more outbreaks than the HSV 1. HSV 1 will infect the genital part through oral sex while HSV 2 will infect you through vaginal or anal sex. Nowadays, HSV virus is also can be tested through examination on tears, saliva and urine.

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