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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recognizing what do Genital Herpes Look Like?

Most of you may still have question about what do genital herpes look like. In fact, genital herpes is a kind of herpes simplex virus infection that can recurrent. This virus is a lifelong infection of the skin, mouth and genital part. Usually, it will be located in genital area including vagina, cervix, vulva and anus. 

This type of virus is not gained by hereditary. You can spot this infection from the red spot and itchy that usually turns into small blister within few hours after primary attack. After that, the blister will change into small open wound and form little crust on the skin area.  Sometimes, a blister can join together to form a bigger one.
If you are worried of what do genital herpes look like then you can say it is a kind of painful blister. However, the blister is even getting healed without leaving any scar. You may feel the raising temperature, muscle pain, swollen lymph gland, urine retention or tiredness. During the primary outbreak, the herpes simplex virus will penetrate the skin or mucosa.
The attack will activate your body immune system. Unluckily, this virus commonly unrecognized since only 20% of primary outbreak that showing first sign. The virus is not eliminating after the first outbreak. It will remain in our local nerve at the infected site and wait for recurrent period.  Menstruation, sexual intercourse, immune decrease and raised temperature can be the reason of the recurrent outbreak.
When recurrent outbreak happen, it will be sign by the pain and itchy before any blister shown up. When the blister and spot appear, it will heal without any scar for about 7 days. What you need to be aware during the primary outbreak is the possibility of urine retention. Bacteria and yeast infection in the genital area, liver, pancreas and herpetic pneumonia.
What you need to do is maintain your immune system to reduce the possibility of recurrent attack. If you are in lower immune level then you may get more frequent and widespread of lesion. Automatically, it will need longer time to heal and you are even possible to suffer from the scars form.

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