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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Early Signs of Genital Herpes in Men

Genital herpes virus in men infects the oral and also genital part. It is spread through sexual contact. The dangerous part is that this disease often comes without seems to be diagnosed or even showing any symptom. Miss diagnosed is happen because the symptom is recognizing as other type of disease. However, it will better if you can recognize early signs of genital herpes to find proper treatment for it. 

Unluckily, not all men have early signs of genital herpes. Some other has no symptom of genital herpes virus infection. The time period of the first infection until reach the primary outbreak is also different from one person to the other. It is closely related with each person immune level. The primary outbreak usually happen around 1 up to 2 week after the first infection attack.
Unluckily, the virus trigger and the symptom characteristic of genital herpes virus are difficult to identify. It is simply because it can happen anytime after the virus getting inside our body. However, man usually have frequent outbreak with short break between each of it. Some have never ever felt another outbreak while the other have long period of time between outbreaks.
First general symptom of genital herpes virus attack is the redness, itchy, burn, pain and tingle that creating skin sensation. All of those things called as prodome symptom. This prodome symptom commonly happens to some areas like buttock, genital, thigh, lips and oral mucus membrane. All of those prodome symptoms will happen during the early infection period.
Another common symptom is flu like sign. It means you will get muscle aches, swollen glands, fever and headache when the herpes simplex virus attacks you. The gland swelling will be varying from one person to another. However, it is usually swelling near with the infection site location. The flu like sign may happen after the blister appear or even before the blister appear.
Next symptom is blister. Blister is a small and fluid filled blister. This blister will burst, blood and scab over. The primary outbreak usually happens for about three weeks. Recurrent outbreak usually will need less time period for about three up to seven days. You need to be more aware to identify whether it is an influenza or early sign of genital herpes virus attack.


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