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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best Way to Reduce Genital Herpes Transmission

Having proper understanding on genital herpes transmission is needed so that you can get the best way to prevent it or finding the best treatment. It is also one way to decrease the risk to get infected with this type of disease. Here is several ways to lowering your risk:

Have discussion with your partner
Most of genital herpes patient will feel that this disease will affect the entire life aspect. That is why having proper discussion with partner will bring a lot of benefit. At least, you can take precaution together. Just try to remember not to make sexual or skin to skin contact when you have genital herpes symptom. The sores that appear around the thigh or buttock will also have the same contagious level as the genital area.
Using condom
Using condom cannot be your only solution or have 100% guarantee that you will free from genital herpes transmission risk. However, the condom usage can minimize your risk from genital herpes infection. It can increase the protection level. Just try to slide the condom as soon as the erection occur and not only for the penetration case.
Using the dental dams
Dental dam is a kind of thin latex sheet. Usually, you can use it when doing the oral sex. This dental dam can help you to decrease the oral herpes exposure.  

Update on medication information
In fact, taking the medication therapy with antiviral medicine in daily basis can help you to reduce the outburst frequency. It is even suggested for pregnant genital herpes patient. This is used as the prevention on genital herpes transmission toward the baby inside the womb.
Have routine consultation with medical expert
Be sure that you have consultation with doctor. You may already know that there is various ways to treat genital herpes but at least prior discussion with doctor will help you decide better about proper treatment and medication.

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