Discovering the Genital Herpes Transmission Process

In fact, genital herpes transmission can happen through skin to skin contact. The type of contact is the intimate sexual contact. It means that we may get transmitted with this disease when we have kissed, oral or genital and anus sex intercourse. It is even can be transmitted through a cut to skin sometimes. The most dangerous spreading period is when the outbreak happens. During this period, the virus will be contained inside the sores and blister.

Even though there is no clear appearance of skin of sore and blister, the genital herpes transmission still possible to happen. It may transmit into the people that come into a close contact. When the virus gets released from the skin surface, viral shedding period is happen. It may happen with occurring symptom or without any symptom. However, the virus may not spread when it is located in the nerve cell. Just change your mind that sharing things may catch you since share the toilet seat, cup, towel and bed will not infect you.
Most of you may think that your genital herpes is transmitted from your current partner. In fact, it is not an exact fact since herpes can recur. It means that you may get infected from your past partner. That is why it is difficult to find out who already transmitted you with the genital herpes. The people that infect you do not aware that since they do not get any outbreak or getting any symptom at all.
Thing get worse when you are pregnant since you may infect the baby inside your womb. However, it may only happen when you get your first infection. When this happen, you may passed genital herpes to your baby through placenta, during delivery when the affected area is on genital and skin to skin contact after giving birth. If you are infected before pregnancy period then you get lower risk to pass the virus to your baby. It is simply because you will build up the antibodies to genital herpes virus.
The antibodies will pass to the baby through placenta. If the herpes infection initial infection happens during pregnancy period, doctor will give antiviral medication. Caesarean section is also suggested when the infection attack during late pregnancy period. Different thing happen when the infection is the recurrent one. The risk of transmission will be decreased. The best way to avoid all the unwanted thing is by routinely check up and consultation with doctor to monitor the baby condition.
Just try to avoid any contact with your partner that has genital herpes during pregnancy. Even skin to skin contact when the sore and blister appear is also need to be prevented. Using condom can be one solution to prevent the infection. Condom can be a way out to decrease the transmission risk even when there is no genital herpes sore or blister appear. It is a great way to deal with the asymptomatic viral shedding.