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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Does Everyone Have the Same Genital Herpes Symptom?

There are several common genital herpes symptom that usually occur. Unluckily, not all people have the same symptom. Usually, first outbreak will causing an itchy inflammation on patient skin and creates some sores and blister. If there is any blister and rash on your genital area then you better see the doctor to find out the think that causing the symptom. Besides that, you may come to the GP or nearest GUM clinic to get proper help.

Besides old way to visiting doctor or clinic then you can choose to use online doctor service. This type of service will make you possible to get free photo assessment. You will need to pay if you are positively diagnosed as genital herpes patient and buy some treatment. Another thing that makes online doctor service can be your trusted option is the availability of NHS registered doctors and free delivery service.
Herpes genital patient do not share the same symptom. It is simply because some people may have appeared symptom while the other does not have it. Even though there is no visible genital herpes symptom but the virus still possible to infect. This is possible since the virus will remain stay in our skin and when our condition get weaker then the virus will be active and creating blister.
Start to turn your point of view about the differences symptom between men and women. In fact, the genital herpes symptom in men and women has common similarities. It will be more complex when you are pregnant since it may affect your baby. During pregnancy, intensive consultation with doctor will be needed to make sure that your baby inside the womb will not be affected and provide proper treatment until delivered safely.

The most infectious period is primary outbreak. Usually, it will be occur around 1 up to 2 weeks after the first infection. That is why you better avoid any sexual intercourse during this period. Unluckily, not all people have noticeable symptom during their first outbreak. Blister get appear, open ulcer come up, ulcer turn into scabs and get healing. Not only that, headache, fever and burn urination is also commonly appearing. After primary outbreak, virus will stay remain in our skin and get recurrent again sometime.

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