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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Finding Out Proper Genital Herpes Test

To make sure whether you have genital herpes problem or not then you will need to take genital herpes test. Besides that, other factors that may affect are medical history, sign and symptom that may appear. The test become essential to make you easier in differentiate between genital herpes and other sexual transmitted diseases such as chancroid and syphilis. Genital test is useful to identify the type of herpes virus that attack.

There is several type of genital herpes test that you may take. To decide which type of test that well matched with you, the condition of ulcer, blister and other type of symptom will be count. Need more information of the test type? Check out the following detail:

Culture test
Culture test is chosen to examine whether herpes simplex virus is the one that appear on your ulcer and blister. Unluckily, this type of test is only effective enough when you get a new and open ulcer. That is why you better immediately contact the health care provider as soon as possible at least 48 hours after the first symptom appear. When you are during your primary outbreak period, the test is in high accurate level than the recurrent outbreak.
Blood test
Blood test is perfect for you who curious whether you have herpes virus or not even though there is no visible ulcer and blister. This genital herpes test can detect the type of herpes simplex virus that attacking you through the antibodies condition. If you or your couple has genital herpes history then you may take this test to gain secure feeling. Besides that, healthy couple may also need to take this test as one of best way to prevent herpes simplex virus infection. 

Polymerase chain reaction test
This type of test is categorized as the most sensitive one. It is work by examining the cell and secretion from genital tract and urinary to make sure whether there are some herpes simplex virus that attack or not. However, this polymerase chain reaction test cannot be taken routinely since the price is also expensive.

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