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Friday, December 12, 2014

Reveal First Sign of Genital Herpes on Man

Genital herpes on man usually will be occur around 2 up to 20 days of first infection from sexual partner. The first time of outbreak is called as primary outbreak. During this period, the virus will get inside through your body and attacking your body cells. There are several common symptoms that occur during male genital herpes. Those symptoms are high temperature, flu, fever, muscle ache, less appetite, penis swelling and swollen lymph glands.

Most recognizable sign of genital herpes on man is similar with influenza virus. After the influenza attack, the fever and muscle aches will attack along with itchy feeling under the skin. When the itchy comes, the genital herpes virus will move into the skin surface. After that, the small blister will appear on male skin surface. Some people may only have single blister while other may have the blister in a cluster.
The genital herpes blister will be filled up with liquid. During the primary outbreak, the blister will be appearing in various places such as buttock, penis, groin area and inner thighs. This outbreak period may happen for few days around 5 up to 20 days. However, some people may have it longer depend on their immune system and health condition. For men, you better avoid any sexual interaction in this time to prevent any contagious to your partner. 

Recurrent outbreak is also possible to happen in men genital herpes. During the first few years, the outbreak may occur often especially if you have unhealthy life style and imbalanced food consumption. Just try to maintain your immune system to reduce the risk of getting recurrent genital herpes problem. The common medication for genital herpes is valtrex and acyclovir. This suppressive medication therapy is the common advised treatment by doctor. This type of medicine is perfect for you who have active sexual activity.


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