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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Recognizing Completely about Early Stages of Genital Herpes

In fact, genital herpes is the second most common of sexually transmitted disease.  Usually, this disease is caused by herpes simplex type 2 or commonly called as HSV 2. It may attack various ages. Even ages of 15 up to 24 become 45% of patient. One of the best ways to be aware is recognize the early stages of genital herpes. It is also great things to make sure that we take the best treatment.

Usually, the first symptom in vaginal area will be occur start from 2 up to 12 days after the primary infection. Any sexual contact may lead into infection so it does not mean that it have to deal with sexual intercourse. Prodrome symptom such as itchy, burn, tingle and pain in the vaginal area may develop prior before the sore appear. This kind of symptom may appear few hours up to a day before any visible sign come up.
Some early stages of genital herpes are also can be seen from the development of blister and sores. The sores itself usually come up around the external buttock, external genital, inside the vagina or the vaginal opening. The lesion is another common sign. Lesion in small cluster will be called as vesicles. When the vesicles open, it will result a painful open sores. Not only sores, women may also suffer with burning sensation when urinate, swollen lymph node in groin area and vaginal discharge.
By the time goes by, the sore crust will be over and get healed. Primary outbreak as the first outbreak episode will be last for about 2 up to 4 weeks. This period is the most dangerous since the virus is easily infect others. During this outbreak, women may also feel headache, fever and body aches that last for about several first days or even last for 2 weeks. Unluckily, genital herpes does not always showing sign. That is why some people may not aware of being infected.

Even 81% of people around 14 up to 49 infected without being diagnosed with easily to see symptom. It is simply because the infection comes up without any symptom at all. Another factor that will decrease the awareness is the misdiagnosed of genital herpes symptom with other disease. Urinary symptom in genital herpes may get miss understood as urinary tract infection. However, herpes still possible to spread even without any symptom. Go to see doctor and held some test when you have vaginal sores.

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