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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alternative Medicine for Genital Herpes

Most of you may directly refer to the antiviral medication when talking about medicine for genital herpes. Actually, there are a lot more alternative for genital herpes cure. You may choose the home care treatment or herbs and supplement. It may provide you comfy feeling since you can do the treatment at your own home without needs to go outside. Besides that, it can be your way out from worry feeling of antiviral medicine toward your body or if it is contact with another type of medicine.

The first type of alternative on medicine for genital herpes is the home relieves treatment. This type of treatment can be done immediately when you get the symptom of genitalherpes. It can help you to reduce the discomfort feeling. In the beginning, consume over the counter pain reliever like ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen. Another way to decrease the discomfort is soak your infected are in warm water but always keep it dry most of the day.
Even simple action like toweling may result discomfort then you can use hair dryer as alternative. You are also need to be wise in choosing underwear type. Cotton underwear is a perfect option since it can absorb moisture better than the synthetic fabric. Herb and supplement is also great ways for alternative medicine for genital herpes. Echinacea plant is one example that can help you to increase your immune system level. Better immune system condition can reduce your outbreak possibility and prevent HSV 2 infection. 

Echinacea plant is even proved to have the same result as placebo does. Ointment that contains propolis is also get faster healing period than the usage of placebo or antiviral drug acyclovir. Prunella vulgaris and edible mushroom called gypsy mushroom is also another great choice. Those herbs contain chemical ingredient that effective enough to deal with herpes simplex virus. To obtain it, you can simply try to find it in drug store.

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