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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Recognizing Medicine for Genital Herpes

The most common medicine for genital herpes that suggested by doctor and other health practitioner is the antiviral medicines. It is chosen since this type of medicine can decrease the discomfort and pain feeling that caused by the genital herpes sores and blister. Not only that, the antiviral medication is also helpful to boost the healing process.  The period of virus spreading is also possible to get reduced by using this medicine. There are several types of medication that you may choose for genital herpes disease as follow:

Antiviral medicine
The type of medicine for genital herpes that categorized as antiviral medicine is famciclovir, acyclovir and valacyclovir. The famciclovir is also well known as famvir while valtrex is another name for valacyclovir. The acyclovir is also known as zovirax. Those medications will be functioned effectively while the genital herpes outbreak attacks. Commonly, it can be taken in daily basis to prevent the outbreak.
Nonprescription medicine
The medications that are categorized as nonprescription medicines are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Those medications can decrease the fever and pain feeling while genital herpes attacked. 

You better consume antiviral medicine as soon as the symptom appears. If you are having more than 6 outbreak then you better take the antiviral medication in daily basis. Besides that, you should contact your doctor to consult before taking any other type of medication. It is simply because each type of medication may result some effect that affect your body health. Impaired immune system is also need the antiviral medication.

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