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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Find Out Perfect Genital Herpes Home Remedies

Genital herpes home remedies are not just a myth. You can try this type of treatment if you want to choose alternative method rather than the common anti viral medication one. In fact, you can try to deal with your genital herpes problem with home treatment. One of the best ways is by taking over the counter pain killer medicine. At least, it can help you to relieve all the symptom and discomfort feeling when the outburst comes.

Here are several simple ways of genital herpes home remedies that you can try at home to deal with your genital herpes problem:
Keep your hygiene condition
As much as possible, you better try to avoid any contact with your sore. Do not forget to also washing your hand frequently in daily basis. Clean the whole of your body and scrubbed your fingernails every day.
Consume sufficient amount of water
Believe it or not, one of easiest way to deal with the genital herpes outbreak is by consuming sufficient amount of water.
Avoid the usage of talcum powder
Make sure that all of your genital herpes sore and blister can be clean and dry. You may use some cornstarch to solve it. It is better than using talcum powder since it can make your risk to get ovarian cancer be higher.
Clean your genital area properly
Drying your genital area with washcloth or towel may create discomfort feeling. You can try to solve this problem by using the cool setting of blow dryer.
Choose correct clothing type
For clothing, do not wear any tight fit clothing since it can prevent the healing process. It is simply because tight clothing with restrict the air circulation. The best underwear selection is cotton since the synthetic is not offering proper air circulation and may causing irritation.
Use the ice packs
Use the ice packs locally to decrease your pain and reduce the possibility of recurrent outbreak.
Take a comfort bathing method
Lukewarm bath is one of great ways to reach comfort feeling with the entire genital herpes symptom that you have. 

Apply sun block
Sun block can be a great way to prevent any outbreak recurrence.
Avoid to having sexual intercourse
You better avoid having sexual intercourse when outbreak and prodrome period is happen. The common sign when you need to stop any sexual intercourse is when you get the itchy, tingle and tenderness around the infected areas.
Take proper over the counter medication
The types of over the counter medicine that you can take are ibuprofen like Advil and Motrin. Another choice is aspirin and acetaminophen. That kind of medicine can decrease the local tenderness and fever that commonly happen.

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