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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Herbs and Supplements Genital Herpes Home Remedies

Herbs and supplement is already well known as an alternative for genital herpes home remedies.  However, even though there are some suggested herb and supplement but still always communicate it with your doctor. Be sure that you always meet doctor to get best suggestion before taking any herbal remedies and dietary supplement. It is simply because dietary supplement and herbal remedies do not have FDA approval. Without proper examination with doctor, you may suffer from its side effect.

There are several popular herbal and dietary supplements that commonly used to fight genitalherpes infection. Those are Siberian ginseng, aloe vera, Echinacea, lysine, zinc and bee product, bee product includes propolis as a tree resin that collected by bees. Some of it are in capsules form that taken by mouth. The other are comes in form of ointment that commonly will be applied on skin. Still you need to communicate the usage with your doctor to make sure that there will be no dangerous side effect.
Those all herbal and dietary supplements are working by increasing body immune level. In detail, Siberian ginseng fights genital herpes by increasing blood pressure level. Echinacea, when taking in a long period of time can decrease your white blood cell level. You can use Echinacea to improving your immune system disorders. Bee products like propolis are useful but it may result an allergic reaction especially for those who have bee stings allergic. 

The next two popular herbal and dietary supplements for genital herpes problem are lysine and zinc. Lysine should not be taking while you are also consuming antibiotics. It is simply because it may create certain side effect. The last one is zinc. It is effective enough to deal with genital herpes as long as consumed in proper dosage. Do not consume zinc more than 200 mg per day since it may cause stomach ache.

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