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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finding Deeper Information on Genital Herpes Vaccine

Nowadays, there is the new progress on genital herpes vaccine. The name of vaccine is the therapeutic vaccines. This type of vaccine helps your body to manage the HSV 2 virus replication such as transmission, lesion and viral shedding. It is even more suggested approach to increase body immune system rather than using antiviral drug. The therapeutic vaccination can be the mediator of antiviral medication. Automatically it can increase the T cell density and function and prevent virus replication process.

Vical is also developing plasmid DNA vaccine technology that possible to induct the T cell response robust. It can be great solution since genital herpes vaccine named plasmid DNA vaccine do not causing any infection and be used repeatedly without generating antivector responses. This vaccine will stimulate the T cell response. Partnering with Astellas Pharma, Vical develop the bivalent plasmid DNA vaccine that makes you possible to reduce the herpes virus named cytomegalovirus replication process. 

The test that held to test this genital herpes vaccine is trying to measure the HSV shedding rates before and after vaccination process. It takes around 60 days to take the needed sample. When the data is completely completed then it will compared. The viral shedding will be measured during pre vaccination and after the intervention. The test result showing that there is around 30% decreased rate of genital herpes spreading. So basically, there are still hopes for the vaccine to deal with genital herpes infection besides anti viral medication treatment.

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