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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is There Any Cure for Genital Herpes?

Genitalherpes is a kind of disease that caused by the infection of herpes simplex virus type 2. Until now on, there is nothing that can be proved clinically to act as a cure for genital herpes. However, there are some type of treatment method that you can do to get ease the genital herpes disease effect. Those are mentioned as follow:

The common medication type that popularly chosen even though cannot be the cure for genital herpes is oral antiviral medication. Usually, your physician will give you prescription of valtrex or acyclovir. Those two types of medication can help you to stop the genital herpes spreading into your partner. However, there are some common effect that may happen such as hair loss, kidney problem and even digestion matter.
If you want to ease your genital herpes infection effect then you better do some diet modification. In fact, some deficiencies on vitamin and mineral level can result outbreak. The only way to overcome this problem is by adding the lysine consumption in your diet pattern. Besides that, substances that contain high level of zinc, vitamin C, B and E is also great option to take.
Do not forget to also consume fruit and vegetables as much as possible. Still feel not sure that your need is already fulfilled? Take multivitamin to make sure that your need of vitamin and mineral is already completed. Just like some suggested food, there are also some types of food to avoid. If possible, try to prevent yourself for consuming nut and chocolate because they contain arginine that may cause genital herpes outbreak to happen.  

Manage the stress
There is maybe no definite cure for genital herpes but at least you can decrease the outbreak through doing stress management. You may do several ways to manage your stress through some routine physical exercise, massage, meditation and muscle relaxation techniques. Even some session of talk therapy may help you to release your burden and stress level.
Topical antiviral
The common topical antiviral is dynamiclear. This medication is commonly suggested by the physician since it can kill the pathogen. You just need to apply it once for each sore in one outbreak. It makes this type of medication cheaper than the oral medication. Of course it is only happen if this kind of medication work for you.

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