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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Best Tips to Deal with Genital Herpes Pain and Discomfort Feeling

Genital herpes is a kind of disease that caused by herpes simplex virus infection. It is become one of most contagious disease and not yet curable. Even this type of herpes can make some of its patient feel tortured with the pain and discomfort feeling. If you want to prevent any severe irritation then you can try takes several option. In fact, the irritation will be happen when the outbreak occur. You can try to overcome it by never apply any harsh chemical or lotion in the infected or outbreak area. Automatically, it can decrease the irritation level.


One of effective way to minimize the irritation is by using mild soap and water to clean up the irritated area. Be sure that you are also preventing yourself from using ointments and cream. During bathing time, genital herpes patient can try to soak in the bath. It is helpful to ease the pain. However, not all people will gain the same benefit since some people may feel more irritated when soak in the bath during the bathing time. Even urinate can be suffering moment. The discomfort while urinating can be solved by stand over the toilet to urinate to protect the outbreak area or put small mouth cup over the urethra. 


In fact, clothing choice is also affect your condition during genital herpes outbreak. Choosing the right clothing type is also helpful to deal with genital herpes pain and discomfort. You better choose the 100% cotton underwear. Never use any short, swimsuit and spandex underwear to avoid discomfort feeling. For woman, full skirt with no underwear can be a great option to try. Another way to prevent severe irritation is never touch or even rubbing the sores since it can increase the virus spreading. For the pain, use organic silica and oral over the counter pain medication to ease the outbreak pain.

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