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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reveal How Can You Get Genital Herpes

Most of us may thing that having sexual intercourse is the only way on how can you get genital herpes. In fact, it is not the only reason of genital herpes spreading.  Herpes virus itself is entering the body through your skin and mucous membranes especially the mouth and genital parts. The virus will travel along your nerve and end to the base of spine. The HSV 2 virus will remain there and feed by our nutrient to produce the body cells.

Commonly, most reason why genital herpes virus attacking us is because kissing, anal sex, oral sec skin to skin contact vaginal sex. Of course, this virus will be attack when you have relationship with someone that has active infection. Even some manual stimulation or masturbation with fingers can spread the HSV 2 virus. It is possible to happen when you touch an active sore and touch the mucous membrane.
If you have active genital herpes then your partner may have another reason on how can you get genital herpes. Be sure that you are not touch active sores in your mouth or genital area that have active HSV 2 virus infection. If you have to touch it then you better wash your hand as soon as possible. Just try to avoid any intimate contact until your genital herpes sores is already completed healed. 

Even people that have genital herpes but no sores are also can infect their partner. This is called as asymptomatic transmission. Other various reason that may become the reason on how can you get genital herpes are sharing clothing, towels, bed linen, eating utensils, public spas, toilet seats and sharing cups or glasses. Just be sure that you should take care and avoid any potential reason that may cause HSV type 2 infections.

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