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Monday, April 27, 2015

4 Best Ways to Avoid Getting Genital Herpes

It is really not easy to have genital herpes. The reason mainly is mainly because this disease cannot be cured yet. Once the virus gets into you, it will remain inside and suddenly can appear again. The HSV type 2 virus is very strong. It makes this virus can stay inside your skin for a long time. If you have lower immune system level of getting too much stress then this virus will attack you once again. 

Really need guidance to avoid genital herpes outbreak? Check out the detail as explained below:
Use condom for sexual intercourse
You better use condom every time you have sex to minimize the risk of getting infected by genital herpes virus. Applying spermicides is another way to avoid the HSV type 2 attack. It is helpful since spermicides kill the virus. Just apply the spermicidal jelly or foam into your genital.
Have an open up communication with your partner
Before making any far relationship, you better ask your partner whether they already have been tested for HSV type 2 virus or do they practice safe sex or not. In fact, most of us do not aware that 1 in 6 adult in United States is having genital herpes. That is why you better have open communication before moving further.
Maintain your immune system
Weaker immune system is one of the main reasons why HSV type 2 attacks. When your body get weaker, the HSV type 2 viruses is easier to attack your body. Even some common disease like influenza may lead you into this disease. Do healthy food consumption pattern, healthy life style and avoid alcohol is an example of healthy life style. One more important thing is doing a routine exercise and sufficient sleeping hour. Do some meditation, yoga and vacation to avoid stress. Stress is also well known as main source why HSV type 2 is easy to attack you. 

Taking proper supplement
You better try to maintain your health through routine consumption of vitamin C and multivitamin in daily basis.
Do not get trapped with the name than genital herpes disease will only occur in genital area since oral sex can help to spread this disease. Woman with HSV type 2 is even get more serious health risk such as cervical cancer. That is why you better do some regular pap test. Take anti-viral medication such as famciclovir, acyclovir and valacyclovir as your medication.

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