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Friday, May 29, 2015

What Does Genital Herpes Feel Like During Pregnancy

In fact, genital herpes during pregnancy will cause various effects. Feel curious what does genital herpes feel like? If you having genital herpes during pregnancy then you will need to be careful since you may pass the virus to your baby. The virus itself can be transferred during the delivery process. If you have this type of herpes before pregnancy or during early period of pregnancy then the risk of getting infected will be lower even less than 1%.  

What pregnant women need to do is carefully examine on any symptom before the giving birth period. If there are some sores or outbreak then you better take the cesarean section. A different case will happen if you get genital herpes in the late pregnancy period. In this case, you may get 30% up to 50% of infecting the baby. It may happen since mother immune system has not developed protective antibodies against the genital herpes virus.
Even if you do not have genital herpes but still need to be careful during the third trimester about sex. You may lower your awareness and carefully action if you are sure that your partner is free. If your partner gets cold sores or oral herpes then you better not allow your partner to do oral sex. The best prevention action is get testes for genital herpes. It will be even better if you can have your partner also get tested. 

Commonly, doctor will suggest taking some antiviral drugs or suppressive therapy in daily basis. However, pregnancy woman cannot simply take this type of treatment without checking their condition or discuss with the doctor. Be sure that you already know the risk and advantage of taking medication type. When you already born the baby, you will need to protect them from any touch from people that having cold sore.

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