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Friday, June 5, 2015

Recognizing Genital Herpes Risk during Pregnancy

Complication is a common risk that happen during pregnancy for woman that have genital herpes. Of course the risk will be depending on several factors such as your experience on genital herpes attack and pregnancy stage. Even though the complication may happen but most of pregnant woman can do vaginal birth normally and healthy baby. If you think that you have this disease during pregnancy period then you better visit nearest sexual health clinic to do some test and get proper treatment. 

Before talking further about genital herpes risk during pregnancy then you will need to recognize how this disease can passed on. In fact, it can pass on through several ways such as sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal and oral), skin to skin contact or passed by pregnant woman to the baby through birth process. This type of virus is dangerous and cannot curable yet since it creates blisters and sores around your genital area. Even though the sores healed, virus will remain stay in your body and waiting to be activating again.
Stage of pregnancy risk is depending on when you get this herpes. If you get it before your pregnancy then you will have lower risk since you will have the antibodies to the virus. This antibody will protect your unborn baby. If you get the disease during the first three month of your pregnancy then you will have small risk. It may lead into miscarriage and passing the infection to your baby. The highest risk level is if you have it in your later period of pregnancy. 6 weeks within giving birth is the highest period of possibility to infect your baby.
When woman get their first genital herpes during pregnancy then doctor usually will provide antiviral medicine to clean up the infection before baby get born. Since now, there is no evidence that can show any risk to use this kind of medication to the baby. If you already have this disease before and you get attacked more during pregnancy then you will be treated with acyclovir start from 36 week of pregnancy until the baby born. However, if you get tortured badly of pain and difficult to pass urine then you will be admitted to the hospital.

Last action that also commonly suggested to pregnant woman that have this disease is caesarean section. This procedure will only be done if the patient already get this disease before and have active sores when they get labor. Caesarean option is also suggested when you have this disease for the first time in a late period of pregnancy or around 6 weeks within giving birth. This method is taking to make sure that the baby will be safe since there is no contact with any active sores during the birth.

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