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Friday, July 10, 2015

Basic Knowledge on Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a kind of infection that caused by herpes simplex virus. It may happen both in woman and man. Usually, it will start to appear from small red, swell and blister that fulfilled with liquid. The sores and blister itself will be formed around genital, lips, mouth and eyes area. It may attack our body through infection that we may get from direct touch such as kiss, touch or sex or even indirect one such as sharing personal item with infected person.

Genital herpes categorized as contagious one since it  may causing series of severe disease such as cancer, chickenpox or even brain infection. Men that have genital herpes usually have the blister around their thighs, anus, scrotum, buttocks, penis or inside the urethra. While woman may have the blister around their anus, cervix, external genitals, vaginal and buttock area. What you need to do to minimize the infection spreading is by doing some prevention and home remedy treatment.
This disease commonly caused by kissing, skin contact, intercourse with multiple partner, unprotected sex, surgery on genital area, touch the blister, exposed to uv rays, direct contact with infected person saliva or mucous membranes or even illness, vaginal delivery from infected mother. Stress, fatigue and surgery is also another cause that may become the reason why this disease attacking our body. Even though this disease categorize as dangerous and highly infected one but it is hard to recognize since the symptoms is mild enough.
The symptom is even may do not attacking you or appear in the surface after several month or virus attack. Want to recognize it earlier? There are some primary symptom that may appear up to 20 days. You may get fever, unwell feeling, painful urination, women cervix blister and ulcer, rec aching blister and vaginal discharge.Even some symptom is recurrent from time to time. Those recurrent symptom are tingle and itchy around genital area, aching red blisters around the buttock, rectum, thighs and genital. 

Woman with genital herpes usually have the blister and ulcer in the lower part or their womb. This recurrent symptom usually showed up when your immune system level get down or decrease. Stress is also another cause why you can get genital herpes disease again. It is possible since the virus cannot be vanished and stay remain calmly in your skin and wait to appear in teh surface when you are getting weak.

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