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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Triggers of Genital Herpes Outbreak and Recurrence

If you want to know about genital herpes outbreak and recurrence trigger then you need to know about the fact of this virus at first. This virus can remain stay still and recurrence  when they become active. It start to multiply and coming along to the surface through the nerve. Unluckily, there is no certain symptom since it may appear with or without symptom. The recurrence of herpes virus is also not always attacking the same place even though it may occur in the same area but different in few inches path.


The recurrence outbreak may happen in the  area that different with the first attacked area. If you have the first on your genital area then the recurrence may appear in buttock or your upper thigh. Sometimes, it may also attacking the anal area.  Data showed that around 80 up to 90% of people that have herpes outbreak may experience the recurrence. Usually, the recurrence will happen within 3 up to 6 month. The recurrence outbreak itself commonly appear around 5 times in one year or even less. Of course it will be highly depend on various factors.

The factors that affecting the recurrence appearance are therapy treatment type, viral site, viral type, immune system level, emotional condition, personal trigger and environmental factors. In women, the recurrence sometime happen around the menstrual period schedule. For oral genital herpes, this type of herpes is less recurrence than the HSV 1 which is occur once in a ten years. For the duration of attack, recurrence virus will be less frequent when the time goes by.

Even though the recurrence occur in a shorter period but you still need to be aware about some emotional problem that may trigger it more. High level of stress, illness or friction can make the trigger occur again. It is possible since psychological and mental condition may affect someones health in general.  Not only personal emotional condition that may affect, environmental fact such as sunburn is also another common trigger that popularly recognized. 


Based on the detail information above then you can be more aware about the factors that may trigger the outbreak and recurrence. Of course, the factor will be consist of inside factor such as emotional problem and outside which is defined as environmental aspect. If you can well manage your emotion then stress level will be lower. When you psychological condition is balance then your risk of get ill will be less. Automatically, you will  get less recurrence attack.  

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