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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Prevention of Genital Herpes in Teen

Basically, genital herpes is spreading through sexual contact. That is why the best prevention is not having unhealthy sex habit. In many cases, the habit of having more than one sexual partner will increase the risk of getting this disease or other sexually transmitted disease. One of common preventive tool is condom. You can use condom to reduce the risk of infected with herpes simplex virus type 2 which is the one that causing this type of disease.

Choose the condom that made from latex material. It is simply because the latex condom can provide better protection than the natural-membrane condoms. Another type of condom is the female condom that made from polyurethane. Using douche is also need to be eliminated since it may change the healthy bacteria on vagina. Beside that the douche is also possible to flush the pathogen bacteria that contain sexually transmitted disease into genital track.
In fact, having sexual relationship is not a strange to teen life. That is why you need to create an open up communication so that they can talk freely. If it is hard to do, then ask for doctor help to talk with them. Besides that, get the teen to be tested for sexual transmitted disease infection possibility. The key is getting their trust so that we can reveal their truth and providing the proper medication and treatment for them.
Unluckily, there are so many sexually transmitted diseases including genital herpes that may not viewing obvious symptom unless it is already reach high level of infection. Based on this fact, teen often do not know that they are infected. Be wise to openly educate them about the possibility of this disease and encourage them to have regular sexually transmitted disease screening to prevent unwanted thing to happen. 
However, be aware of the right time to ask for help to doctor or other medical expert when your teen is already being sexually active or start to have sex. It is important to make them as early as possible to understand that this genital herpes can spread not only by vaginal sex but also through anal or oral sex. Tell them that the infection often do not show any symptom so that they may never know that their partner having this disease or not. 
Have some regular full physical examination for your teen to make sure about their health condition in general. If possible, contact the gynecologist or specialist to talk and consultation about sexual health. Another great way to obtain useful information is by contacting the sexual counseling center and community health organization to get the best guidance about genital herpes.  

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